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Turning potential into performance

Turning your leadership potential into performance

Leader as Convenor

Murray Wright is licensed by Acumen Global Partners to use its Leader as Convenor Materials designed to equip your organisation at every level with the tools to create powerful and lasting transformation. It develops the leaders and their leadership to support the delivery of the strategic imperatives with an agile, collaborative and innovative approach.

Leaders learn to have the conversations that matter and lead the change themselves by using small experiments to change their own behaviours as they focus on what's important to the business. Leader as Convenor is a flexible process that can be virtual or in person or a combination of these, supported by access to comprehensive resources and collaborative tools.

It is appropriate for organisations and teams;

  • Wanting to shift the culture to better support strategic delivery
  • To encourage leadership at every level
  • Taking a different approach to change and leadership development

Leadership Foundations

This simple online self-coaching program supported by group coaching sessions, will lift your emerging leaders’ self-awareness and confidence and give them simple tools and practices that will serve as the foundation for ongoing personal and professional growth.

Leadership Impact

A virtual or face to face 3-hour workshop that helps leaders understand what drives the choices they make, the role emotions play and the impact they have on self, others and outcomes. Participants explore their stakeholder needs, the skills needed to meet those needs, purpose and guiding values and behaviours that are captured in their own leadership impact statement.


Murray Wright & Associates are experienced facilitators able to design and deliver engaging workshops.

Examples of our programs include;

  • Team workshops to agree purpose, values and behaviours
  • Strategy development, communication and delivery
  • Relationship and team building
  • Kick-off workshops
  • Large group collaboration on specific challenges or projects
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