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Leadership Moments Podcast

Audrey McGibbon

EPISODE 50 33:01

Performance and Wellbeing – a Symbiotic Relationship

Audrey McGibbon
Oscar Trimboli

Audrey McGibbon, psychologist, business leader, wellbeing expert and co-creator of the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, shares her leadership moments. Audrey talks about why she created the tool and what the latest research is telling us about wellbeing and its implications for high performance. She gives insights and tips on how to start moving towards a more sustainable approach to life and greater health.


Transcript - Episode 50 Audrey McGibbon

You'LL Learn

  • How a leader shows up is impacted by the amount of self-care they have mustered – both mental and physical – their wellbeing
  • Wellbeing focuses on the extent to which people have authentic relationships both in and outside of work, the extent to which they feel that they're doing work that is meaningful and purposeful to them and that they're leading their lives in a way that makes sense and is fulfilling
  • Audrey estimates that about 20% to 50% of our own wellbeing is up to the choices that we make. Whilst we don’t get to control the cards that we get dealt in life, it is up to us how we choose our responses
  • Wellbeing ‘assets’ that senior leaders have are:
  • being able to construct their experiences in a way that gives them a great deal of meaning and purpose
  • They have strong authentic relationships, that they are able to bring their whole selves into the workplace
  • On the downside wellbeing ‘liabilities’ are:
  • found around the extent at which people experience self-doubt which can be debilitating
  • technology and the erosion of boundaries
  • Research into what drives effective leaders shows that it's a winning combination of brains, “niceness” and the magic X factor of charisma, the ability to influence and inspire
  • Mental and physical health and the absence of ill health is not synonymous to having high levels of wellbeing
  • What is missing is having the courage to write our own rulebooks for success in life. It’s not enough to just survive and be grateful for your blessings - what you need to do is nudge yourself up toward flourishing, thriving, and the feeling of a really good life
  • Tips to better wellbeing
  • Learn belly breathing
  • Do self-check-ins, make the time to do an audit on yourself - hold a mirror up and look at how you're leading your life both at work and outside of work
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