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Leadership Moments Podcast

Bonny Rawson

EPISODE 56 35:04

Walking between two worlds

Bonny Rawson
Oscar Trimboli

Bonny Rawson is a young, up and coming leader who is also an indigenous woman. Bonny shares her indigenous history and explains the challenges of walking between two worlds. She talks about her passion for giving back and gives us insights into the needs and expectations that young people have of their leaders today.


Transcript - Episode 56 - Bonny Rawson

You'LL Learn

  • Bonny deals with the expectations of what she calls “Walking between two worlds” by adopting a different mindset as she moves from one space to another
  • Intergenerational trauma is where deep seated issues/trauma are passed onto the children and children’s children’
  • Bonny expects leaders to have the willingness to listen to new ideas, recognize the value of innovation and thinking outside the box
  • She expects them to have the openness to give people the opportunity and the space to contribute and give their views and opinions
  • Leaders should support their team sit with them and help them work out their succession plans and provide what tools they can to help them get there
  • Team members should recognize the value of mentors inside the organization (to help them navigate the business) as well as outside of it (to provide perspective)
  • Not only do leaders have to be able to think innovatively, they have to be able to do it quickly to keep up with the fast pace of life and the ever-changing needs of the customers fuelled by the advances in technology
  • She suggests that organizations should have a culture that is open to change and can move with these changes meanwhile giving younger people the opportunity to lead
  • For managers leading indigenous people she says that they should be familiar with the culture of his team members and encourage an environment of inclusion for all
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