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Leadership Moments Podcast

Carissa Bub

EPISODE 65 36:12

Leading from the Heart

Carissa Bub
Oscar Trimboli

Carissa talks about the speed of the world we live in today and how it has led to a crisis of the heart. Carissa’s work is around leadership and team effectiveness and being a catalyst for transformative change by building bigger and better relationships through knowing how to speak and lead from the heart.


Transcript - Ep 65 - Carissa Bub

You'LL Learn

  • Crisis of the Heart- Carissa observes that the teams of very senior people and boards often rely on the rational mind, and few make space for tapping into the headspace that involves feeling, wisdom and intelligence of the heart – this leads to greater levels of anxiety and a lack of a compass for people
  • Obstacles are the speed at which we live our lives today, the amount of distraction, the lack of discipline, the lack of giving attention to feelings
  • The remedy is to create and hold space to connect to what we really feel, to physically expand your own presence in such a way that other people feel safe to connect to what we really feel and speak and lead from the heart
  • We need to slow down, slow our minds and make space to connect with what is being said and who is saying it – create the space for exquisite listening and open ourselves up to so much more information
  • Team of Teams concept – organizations need to adapt a permeable structure and be more adaptive to globalization, emerging changes and the need to be able to work with anyone anywhere and at any time across locations, cultures and generations
  • Collaboration is key– how to bridge and stay focused on the interconnectedness between different departments and different teams yet seeing it all as one team
  • Team of teams requires people to be able to hold each other accountable across challenges, wiser teams, creative tension – see conflict as a signal for change
  • Use breathe as a way to slow down and ground yourself – give yourself space to slow down time
  • And ask the question: ‘What else?’
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