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Leadership Moments Podcast

Chris Thomas

EPISODE 18 32:16:00

Bringing People on the Journey

Chris Thomas
Oscar Trimboli

Chris Thomas, CEO of Transplant Australia and President of the World Transplant Games Federation talks about the importance of organ donation and the challenges faced in lifting donor rates in Australia. He shares his leadership learning as he developed his career from journalist in Tamworth, NSW to today and what he learned about himself cycling solo from Perth to Sydney.


Transcript - Episode 18 Chris Thomas

You'LL Learn

  • The importance of initiating the conversation about organ and tissue donation with the family in the event of that unthinkable accident and to sign up with the Organ and Tissue Authority – it takes less than a minute
  • The importance of finding work that you are passionate about
  • Often it is from the people who have set bad examples that we learn the most from
  • There is much to say about a leadership philosophy that is about making people feel valued, being able to see the best in people and giving them the time to develop their skills, giving them gentle persuasion, gentle guidance and seeing them come to the fore
  • There is a huge potential for failure for leaders around creating a vision, creating the picture and then moving on to the next project without actually seeing it through towards completion
  • It is very important for a leader that when he/she comes up with an idea that he/she executes it correctly by recognizing that it is only by pure team effort that this can be accomplished
  • One must never make assumptions when it comes to conflict situations in the workplace. There is usually a story behind the story and it is in everybody’s best interest to seek to know the back story
  • We all have untapped reserves of energy and potential – stay out of your comfort zone to grow and develop
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