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Leadership Moments Podcast

Craig Anderson

EPISODE 66 37:12

Learning from Failure

Craig Anderson
Oscar Trimboli

Craig Anderson is a young award-winning leader in the insurance industry. Craig talks about building resilience learning to focus on what you can control and the importance of genuine and honest feedback.

Craig shares the overwhelm he experienced on becoming a young parent whilst managing a career and reveals how it impacted his mental health. He explains ways people can help themselves and importantly what support others can give.

A Content warning. Please note that this episode contains discussion of mental health matters that may cause distress for some listeners.


Website: Mental Health support
Website: Mental Health support
The Gidget Foundation
Website: Mental Health support
Website: Mental Health support
The Black Dog Institute
Website: Mental Health support
Website: Mental Health support
Beyond Blue
Website: Mental Health support
Website: Mental Health support
Lifeline - T 13 11 14
Website: Mental Health support
Website: Mental Health support
Mental Health First Aid Training & Resources
Transcript Ep 66 - Craig Anderson (197 downloads)

You'LL Learn

  • It's important to reflect on the choices you are making about how you go about things
  • Part of building your own resilience is focusing on what you can control
  • Part of resilience is taking the emotion out of an issue and not react instantly but to analyse things and focus on what you can control
  • Young leaders can struggle with confidence – the battle between their strengths and their own perceived weaknesses
  • People need straight and honest feedback to help them grow and be engaged at work. For Craig it should be:
  • Considered and genuine
  • Framed with reference to the bigger picture and purpose
  • Make clear what is needed from the person and where they need to improve
  • Balancing being a new parent and managing a career and meeting ‘expectations’ can be difficult and impact mental health. It is important to recognise when you may have a problem and talk to someone about it
  • If you believe someone is struggling with their mental health, ask them how they are, listen, let them know it is more common than we think and can be treated. Refer them to the EAP, Dr or someone else who is qualified to help. Do Not try to solve the problem
  • The best learning is from working through challenges – as leaders how can you let your team do this without major consequences for them or the business
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