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Leadership Moments Podcast

David Anderson

EPISODE 49 34:15

Surfing the Wave

David Anderson
Oscar Trimboli

David Anderson is the Group CEO and co-founder of the Big Red Group which is riding the wave of the shift from the service to the experience economy. David talks about his awakening to the world of entrepreneurship, his passion for creating experiences and the importance of finding the courage to remain true to yourself in critical moments. He shares his thoughts on how to plan for an uncertain future and the lessons he learned on how to lead a young team.


Transcript - Episode 49 David Anderson

You'LL Learn

  • Ideas are great but the execution is everything
  • In a small organization like BRG, values are leadership driven and has to reflect the personality of the leader
  • Leaders must be authentic to be believed and trusted
  • It is important to understand and to listen to what customers want, hold the trust in the brand and then offer up content which is personalized
  • You don’t have to build your own mousetrap – you just have to recognize a good one when you see it
  • Have the courage to make a decision on limited information and the ability to live with the consequences
  • Expectations of consumers buying habits is rapidly changing so you have to keep up
  • The basis at which last year’s plan was prepared is fundamentally flawed today – you cannot look to the past for today’s solutions
  • When your perceived value is aligned with the way that you behave as an individual, that’s when you deliver great leadership but when you move away from that and are no longer connected with who you are that’s when you fail as a leader
  • Young organizations (young teams) want integrity, transparency and strategy from their leaders
  • Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday
  • Leaders should create a safe space where people can be vulnerable, where they can stand up and say things without fear
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