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Leadership Moments Podcast

David Veech

EPISODE 71 40:43

Going back to better – not 'normal'

David Veech
Oscar Trimboli

David shares his experiences and learning from the US Military and study of lean manufacturing processes. He explains how process can be part of human learning to engage and motivate team members. We have a great discussion about how leaders can lead and learn through the current situation to adopt the best of new practices and avoid going back to ‘normal’.


Transcript - Ep 71 - David Veech

You'LL Learn

  • The history of lean manufacturing developed from studies of the Japanese automotive manufacturing process and how it can engage the workforce
  • The concept of Leadersights – loving, learning and letting go as part of developing trust and giving real support and ownership to team members
  • The importance of leaders developing a clear vision, even if it is a short term one, with their teams and agreeing the culture they want and how they will bring the vision alive
  • The importance of defining the root cause of problems
  • 5 whys to get to the root cause of problems and the 5 ways to solve the problem
  • The value of directed reflection to learn from the problem solving process
  • The Gemba walk – short interval leadership
  • A reminder of the importance of maintaining balance in your life
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