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Leadership Moments Podcast

Diana Renner

EPISODE 48 34:43

How knowledge can get in our way

Diana Renner
Oscar Trimboli

Leaders need not fear the unknown – step into it, embrace it with confidence and discover the opportunities it holds. Diana Renner, educator, consultant and award-winning author shares her experiences as a 16-year-old leaving communist Romania with her family and overnight becoming a refugee in a world that was the absolute unknown for her. It was this experience that taught her to embrace the unknown and learning from it. She advocates that instead of getting caught up in the busyness of life and ‘doing’, we should take the time to stop ‘doing’ and eventually get more done.


Transcript - Episode 48 Diana Renner

You'LL Learn

  • The VUCA world that we live in has made it necessary to redefine leadership and for leaders to master new skills that will allow them to deal with the uncertainty and complexity that comes with the constant changes we live with
  • There is opportunity in these unknown spaces where knowledge and expertise can get in the way because of the narrow focus these can
  • We must, first of all, recognize that we do not have the answer, Next, we need to say, “I don’t know,” which forces us to slow down when everybody else is speeding up, ask questions, explore and experiment – the very opposite of what we have been conditioned to do
  • This process of acknowledging that we do not know the way forward opens our eyes and allows us to notice new things – new possibilities emerge
  • The ‘not doing’ is basically a capacity to engage in a non-defensive way with change without being overwhelmed by the pressure to ‘do’, to solve, to immediately react
  • By pausing to let ‘the mud settle’, things become clearer. By stepping back, by letting go of the control, we allow other people to step in – it is this stepping back that is a ‘not doing’ way of approaching work
  • Leadership is not a noun it is a verb - it can be exercised by anyone, no matter what role he or she may have in the organization
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