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Leadership Moments Podcast

Dianne Gipey

EPISODE 60 44:50

Bringing grace, compassion and kindness to leadership

Dianne Gipey
Oscar Trimboli

I talked with Di Gipey last year as she finished up as CEO of Women’s Safety Services in Alice Springs. An indigenous woman from Western Australia she explained why grace, compassion and kindness are so important to her. She shared leadership moments including how she learned that knowing and accepting who you are makes you a more effective leader able to bring about change. A victim of domestic violence and sexual assault herself, Di gives us a timely reminder what a safe working environment means along with practical steps a leader can take to support victims in the workplace. With the tragic case of a family killed in Brisbane last week, we are reminded how terrible domestic family violence can be.


Transcript - Ep 60 - Dianne Gipey

You'LL Learn

  • In a DV Service compassion and kindness are the most important attributes you must have when working within this type of environment where the women and children are mostly broken. They allow you to offer help, sit and listen to them, believing their stories, giving solace especially to the children and meeting their practical needs
  • You can get people to have confidence in you by bringing them alongside you on your journey and be kind, compassionate and flexible towards staff as well as clients
  • When in a new workplace sit back, take time and observe and listen so as to discern how to make changes seamlessly – take your time
  • You can be a leader and not have all the answers as other people often have better answers than you, so working together regardless of who they are in the team will bring about better outcomes
  • The more vulnerable you are as a leader, the easier it is to bring the team alongside to implement change because they trust you
  • It is crucial for leaders to recognize the huge opportunity for them to be able to support women and men who are going through domestic family and sexual violence by setting up the processes in the workplace that support people when they come forward, to have a plan because the best place for a person to be safe, in particular woman, is in the workplace
  • Do your own research – knowledge is power and if we have the knowledge then we will know what to do and we don’t feel as helpless – put it on the agenda and talk about it
  • Be aware of the signs of domestic violence – multiple occurrences of black eyes, bruising or fractures and act on suspicions by offering an ear – victims often talk when they feel safe
  • Do not lose yourself trying to be what everyone else wants you to be – just sit back and look at the meaning and purpose in your life and just go on that discovery and how that affects your leadership  - remain true to yourself
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