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Leadership Moments Podcast

Dominic Wells

EPISODE 24 23:22

Lessons from the Mountain

Dominic Wells
Oscar Trimboli

In this episode Dominic Wells, Director of Clearpoint Communications, talks about the being and doing of leadership and shares his personal and leadership learnings from mountaineering including how surviving a severe weather event in the Himalayas was the catalyst to finish his education and move into the corporate world.


Transcript - Episode 24 Dominic Wells

You'LL Learn

  • A leader has to have clarity in creating his objectives and see clearly how everybody plays as a team, communicating and being connected together and knowing each member’s strengths and development areas so they interact seamlessly
  • A leader has to be clear about when to push hard and when to pull back because the risk is too high
  • A leader must also think about the culture that he creates within his teams, how much trust he has in them, how much trust they have in each other and what a difference that can make on performance
  • Leaders have an accountability and responsibility in terms of how they handle other people, on how they engage with them and support them because this can have a huge impact both positive and negative on the individual
  • Leaders must understand context and background and invest in discovering that because he/she must never make assumptions about people and their behaviours
  • Leadership is about the being and the doing of leadership and leaders find themselves doing a lot of things to meet KPI’s, quotas and budgets, but often at the cost of not focusing on or engaging with the being of leadership
  • The being of leadership is that emotional connection whether introspective around one’s own emotions or whether it’s the emotional connection between two people or the group – it is important to achieve a balance between the two
  • Being a leader it is important to ask “How do you feel?” and “How do I feel?” because a leader has to connect with himself/herself and trust in the information he/she gets – the more aware the leader is the better
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