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Leadership Moments Podcast

Dr Paul Lawrence

EPISODE 78 39:26

Leading change in a complex world

Dr Paul Lawrence
Oscar Trimboli

Paul shares his insights into systems thinking and how to lead change in a complex world. He talks about collective resilience, how coaching supports change and shares his leadership moments. Paul is a coach, consultant, facilitator and researcher. He works in the fields of coaching, leadership development and change management through the Centre for Coaching in Organisations, an organisation he founded in late 2018. He's written several books and published papers on coaching and is the Association for Coaching Regional Chair, Australia, New South Wales.


Transcript - Ep 78 Dr Paul Lawrence (402 downloads )

You'LL Learn

Paul’s research about how leaders led effectively through change found that they went out into the organisation, listened with an open mind to find out what was going on and saying what needed to be said respectfully. And they were thoughtful about who they needed to be engage in dialogue and who needed to be dialogue with whom.

Ralph Stacey wrote that leadership is not about learning competencies. Learning competencies may help you be more effective, but the essence of leadership is getting into different scenarios, trying out some different stuff and reflecting on how that went such that we intuitively become more capable.

Great leadership is the capacity to really listen, say what needs to be said and think systemically.

Resilience is not an individual but collective thing – meaning making is a social activity, - by sharing experiences, understanding what different people are going through, share insights and help selves – builds collective resilience, strengthens individuals and the organisation.

When coaching acknowledge that you have an impact on what happens inside and outside the room.

When coaching, sense into what is going on and let your questions emerge.

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