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Leadership Moments Podcast

Dr Suzi Skinner

EPISODE 81 46:05

Unleashing Leadership at Every Level

Dr Suzi Skinner
Oscar Trimboli

Dr Suzi Skinner, Managing Director of Roar People is a positive leadership expert & global executive coach who works with clients to create cultures of positive leadership at every level. We talk about the why and how of tapping into the innate leadership that everyone has and explore leader identity. We reflect on the lessons of 2020, the importance of authenticity and why it's important in 2021 to create the space for reflection and learning. This lively chat will give you new insights and lots of ideas to strengthen your own as well as your team's leadership.


Transcript Ep 81 - Dr Suzi Spinner

You'LL Learn

Organisations that encourage the expression of peoples’ innate leadership lift engagement and produce better results.

Unleashing leadership at every level is a simple concept, but in practice there are many blockers that can sit within the hierarchical structure, culture and our own leader identity. Although it is hard, it is worthwhile working to do it and overcome the obstacles.

It is important for individuals and teams to maintain a learning mindset: to make the space to reflect about what they are learning, it can be a 10-minute conversation.

We all have a leader identity that has been shaped by our family and experiences at different stages of our life. Research shows that being aware of our identity and what our intentions as a leader are lifts our effectiveness.

You can start to develop your own awareness of your leader identity by simply sharing what leadership means to you with someone you trust. This helps you understand the mental model you have of leadership. Any strength-based tool or personality profile will also lift awareness.

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