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Leadership Moments Podcast

Fiona Pearman

EPISODE 53 39:02

I’ve got this! - Connecting to your core confidence

Fiona Pearman
Oscar Trimboli

Confidence is easily lost and can be difficult to get back. Fiona Pearman, co-author Core Confidence & Founder at Pearman & Partners, shares a powerful definition of core confidence and practical tips on reconnecting to the confidence that we all have. She also talks about the importance of going first to create change and gives her ideas on how leaders can recognise where their team or business culture could be inhibiting diversity.


Transcript - Episode 53

You'LL Learn

  • The biggest lever that organisations have to deliver on their brand purpose is the culture and the leadership within the organisation – it is the leadership that creates the culture which then creates the brand
  • Confidence is something that everybody has, this core confidence, underneath whatever is going on in life, everyone has it, but life’s trials and tribulations, difficulties, experiences, can lead to an erosion of our connection with that core confidence
  • Core confidence is when at the deepest part of your soul you believe in who you are, the value you contribute and the person you are becoming. It is the ability to know, “I've got this” and be unshakeable in your resolve.
  • Peer support is an important factor in reconnecting with your core confidence both within the organisation as well as externally, outside of it
  • Self-awareness is absolutely essential to leadership – when you find yourself in a situation where you feel you're being undermined, criticised or unfairly judged, take a step back, be self-aware and realize that it's probably not personal or intentional – get more information, be less judgmental and more compassionate
  • It not enough to engage with your team and your immediate boss, you need to think about all the other nodes of influence – if you are going to do anything worthwhile as a leader you are going to have to engage with a much broader audience
  • “Grounded Expertise” means accepting that you can't know everything to therefore engage other people and bring them in to contribute
  • Leadership is about going first - if you want things to be different, you're going to have to go first, you're going to have to do things differently yourself
  • Tips to start the process of reconnecting and growing confidence
    • First acknowledge that you have an issue and be prepared to deal with it
    • Ask for help from people you trust who can give you good, frank feedback – when you are confident, what is it you do – when you are less confident, what happens
  • Gender discrimination has its roots in culture – observe your own biases – examine it from a different perspective – encourage leaders to be accessible
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