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Leadership Moments Podcast

Firdaus Kharas

EPISODE 79 41:23

Talking Creative

Firdaus Kharas
Oscar Trimboli

Firdaus is a social entrepreneur who produces behaviour change mass communication on significant international issues including disease prevention, sexual and domestic violence. Named as one of the world’s 50 most talented social innovators, the multi award winner shares his insights about creativity and how his realisation that by appealing to our commonalities as human beings he could communicate messages across the globe to encourage people to change their behaviour.


Transcript - Ep 79 - Firdaus Kharas

You'LL Learn

  • Creativity is the ability to think differently by a mental process of original thoughts that lead to the creation of new ideas
  • Ongoing application of creative thinking is essential to remaining relevant and successful
  • We are all creative thinkers to different extents – we just need to expand our creative thinking
  • Creativity is not innovation – it is part of it
  • Brainstorming sessions can lead to group think which stifles creative thinking
  • The best creative thinking is when you apply yourself and you iterate, you prototype your products, you try and get others to comment on it, but you still do the creative thinking within yourself, within your own brain
  • Leaders need to create the environment or culture that allows creative thinking, part of this is the money and tools required
  • You have to back yourself and willingness to apply yourself to the process and take risks
  • To develop your own creativity, embrace the fact that you are creative and be observant and curious about the world around you
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