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Leadership Moments Podcast

Gillian Coutts

EPISODE 9 30:08:00

One extra second - success at home and at work with mindfulness

Gillian Coutts
Oscar Trimboli

Gillian Coutts CEO of the Potential Project talks about how “mindfulness” can change your life in really significant ways and change the impact you are having on the people around you both at work and home. Gillian came to a crossroads seven years ago after two very significant events arose in her life – motherhood and cancer. Juggling a senior role at work, motherhood and the debilitating effects of chemotherapy almost brought her to her knees until the practice of mindfulness brought a new perspective and a calm that saved her sanity.


Transcript - Episode 9 Gillian Coutts

You'LL Learn

  • How to get started with mindfulness practice and how to pick it up again if it has fallen away
  • Creating the extra second allows a conscious choice about how we react, as opposed to an emotional choice, delivers better outcomes for all
  • Save energy and lift the capacity to connect and engage with what actually needs to be done next by removing distractions
  • There may not be one right answer to a problem, looking at it from different perspectives can uncover many better answers
  • How asking questions will open your mind to other people’s ideas
  • The importance of giving ourselves permission to be human
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