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Leadership Moments Podcast

Giselle Collins

EPISODE 36 35:10

A view from the boardroom

Giselle Collins
Oscar Trimboli

Giselle Collins transitioned from CEO to professional director. She serves on several boards and has been Chairperson. Giselle gives us great insights into leadership at the board level and how it differs from being CEO. Hear about trust, diversity, culture and high performing teams as well as Giselle's leadership moments.


Transcript - Episode 36 Giselle Collins

You'LL Learn

  • In most corporate settings leaders are imposed upon a team whereas the board usually appoints the Chairperson, so effectively the team appoints the leader
  • A good Chairperson is a key driver enabling the entire board to work effectively together
  • Diversity can be about having respect for other people's views and seeking to understand them fully as well as having people from different backgrounds, different age categories or different genders
  • It is important to ask “Are we respecting the views of the second level down of management enough?” as they are often the main influencers in a business
  • People watch the board, so how they respond to situations and frame conversations is key to the culture that will in turn emanate through management and the organisation – it is not what you say but what you do
  • A true leader adapts and has the ability to know what they're good at and not good at and will use the skills of the people around them to create success
  • Successful organizations are those committed to modernizing, diversifying, changing remuneration and living by their values
  • True leaders are those who build high performing teams and get things done, not the loud ones that everyone perceives as bold and brave who are actually just loud
  • A leader has must understand the perspective of the person they are trying to influence and be attuned to that person’s cultural pre-setting in order to get them on board and achieve the right outcomes
  • There are often different rules at play for business and different cultures. An understanding and respect of the rules can make it easier to work across cultures
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