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Leadership Moments Podcast

Ingrid Messner

EPISODE 86 40:28

Learning from nature

Ingrid Messner
Oscar Trimboli

I talk with Ingrid Messner about her book, Naturally Successful: How Wise Leaders Manage Their Energy, Influence Others and Create Positive Impact. Ingrid shares her inspiration from traveling and learning from indigenous elders about how to connect, care and commit to have the positive impact we want in the world. We have a great talk about self-awareness, our relationship with others, understanding the bigger picture and how it all fits.


Transcript - Ep 86 - Ingrid Messner

You'LL Learn

  • Leaders are experiencing stress in this complex and uncertain world – it is important to build our own awareness of what is happening for ourselves and others in those moments
  • Managing your energy and keeping your own natural systems operating at their optimum is important
  • Whilst there may be many things we want to do, it is important to pick just one or two small things we can experiment with and learn from
  • There is a lot to learn from the indigenous approach that puts relationship before task
  • If we remove labels from people and things it helps us see things more for what they are at that moment in time
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