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Leadership Moments Podcast

Jackie Smith

EPISODE 59 37:54

What we can learn from horses

Jackie Smith
Oscar Trimboli

Jackie Smith is passionate about getting people out of their heads, to be present and lift the conscious leadership of both individuals and teams. What’s interesting about Jackie is that she does this in partnership with horses. Jackie explains to us why horses are such good feedback instruments and talks about what conscious leadership really means, how it can build better connections and confidence. And of course, she shares her leadership moments


Transcript - 59 - Jackie Smith

You'LL Learn

  • As prey animals, horses are hyper aware and can read subtle body cues and signs about whether they are safe. They are quick to sense threat or lack of integrity in humans, so when working with horses they provide instant feedback on how you are showing up
  • Working with the horses helps the individual better understand what's going on internally and externally for them and from that make different choices
  • The aim is to lead through connection or lead through relationship because you have established a culture of trust
  • Horses are herd animals and are a team in their own way with their communication, boundaries, roles and leadership worked out. They can be fluid and move around depending on what the needs of the herd are. We can learn situational leadership from the horses because often teams need to be more dynamic and flexible and be able to adjust so that experts perhaps lower in the hierarchy are allowed to shine and take the lead in as the situation dictates
  • It is the responsibility of a leader to establish an environment where people are valued – a culture of trust and encouragement that nurtures confidence where people can flourish and grow
  • If a leader is not clear about what he/she wants, needs or expect, no one’s going to follow him/her
  • An important takeaway – ‘the power of the pause’ slow down, take a breath, pause and think before moving into reaction
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