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Leadership Moments Podcast

James Kemp

EPISODE 44 31:31

Workspaces for new ways of working

James Kemp
Oscar Trimboli

Re-thinking workspace design to inspire employees and customers.
Hear James Kemp, CEO of Amicus explain how a visit to a school sparked a passion that transformed a regular office fit out company into an award-winning leader in workspace design partnering with clients to help them rethink the workspace to support behaviour and cultural change. James talks about the new ways of working and how the workspace will evolve. He shares his leadership insights and talks about the changes he had to make to better manage stress and meet his own expectations of himself as a leader.


Transcript - Episode 44 James Kemp

You'LL Learn

  • Work used to be where we went to - work is now what we do. This new perspective has redefined the purpose of office space and to the discovery that adapting the spaces through innovative design can influence behaviour, change culture and lift output and results
  • The value: of connecting with people; working constantly to get better at what you do[ and hard work and persistence
  • A leader isn’t there do stuff. A leader is there to lead others and for them to do the stuff
  • To do this leaders need to hone their delegation skills and learn how to arrange their priorities
  • Stress management is a must for leaders – James recommends mindfulness, meditation, good nutrition and keeping fit
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