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Leadership Moments Podcast

Jason Treu

EPISODE 69 35:31

Building Better Relationships at Work

Jason Treu
Oscar Trimboli

We continue the theme of teams with Jason Treu, executive coach and host of the Executive Breakthroughs Podcast. Jason explains how asking the right questions can build long-lasting, trusting relationships and lays the foundation for psychological safety, that is so important to team success. He also gives us examples of the questions we can ask and a great way to build more effective one-on-one relationships.


Transcript - Ep 69 Jason Treu

You'LL Learn

  • Asking questions that require a person to be vulnerable (in a safe situation) can create long lasting close relationships
  • Amy Edmondson from Harvard talks about psychological safety as taking shared risk together. It allows people to speak up without fear of retribution and leads to more diverse thinking and the generation of better ideas with better results
  • Social connection means everyone is able to talk things through, communicate effectively and give and receive feedback and improve
  • How we do this is being challenged by the new virtual way of working
  • Building and maintaining trust within the team relationships is critical to success. It is the cornerstone of creating psychological safety
  • It is not something that can be done once and left – it has to be continually worked on
  • When new team members join they have to be brought into the team and given the chance to build relationships with the team members
  • Building better relationships the how to work with me manual example questions:
    • What are your biggest peeves?
    • If I have to give you hard feedback, how do you receive it best?
    • If you’re in a bad mood, what’s one way that I could help you get out of it?
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