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Leadership Moments Podcast

Jeremy Sandbrook

EPISODE 55 43:31

Leading with Integrity

Jeremy Sandbrook
Oscar Trimboli

Jeremy Sandbrook, CEO of Integritas 360, an internationally recognised integrity and anti-corruption expert, helps us understand corruption and integrity. We discuss why it's relevant to our lives and businesses and how to create an ethical environment in our organisations. Jeremy shares what led him to this work and how, after confronting the fact that he was part of the problem, his perspective and approach to leadership changed.


Transcript - Episode 55

You'LL Learn

  • If corruption was a business, it would be the third largest business in the world
  • Corruption differs from country to country in terms of context because of differing cultures, value systems and attitudes and approaches –
  • There is no universally accepted definition of corruption
  • It is driven by globalization, the deterioration of social safety nets, the pressures of survival, the growing population, etc.
  • Underlying any discussion of corruption would be our values, how we behave which then leads to a consideration of integrity
  • Integrity is defined as acting within an agreed set of norms or values – in a team context within the team’s values and in society within the society’s values
  • On leadership you must take ownership and responsibility for the impact that you have on others – the problem may be you!
  • Leave the space open and allow others to fill it and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts
  • The ends do not justify the means – forcing your perception of what is right may not produce the best outcome – there are many paths you can take to get somewhere and sometimes a sub-optimal result is better because of the way you got there
  • Rhetoric is very powerful and as leaders we need to walk the talk – stand with your values and own your decisions - it's not what we say, it's what we do that staff pick up on.
  • It’s the behaviour at the top that will drive the culture of the organization
  • Too often when we see inappropriate behaviour or corrupt behaviour, we say it's none of our business but that is not true – we need to see it as our responsibility – we can all make a difference
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