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Leadership Moments Podcast

Jill Livesey

EPISODE 45 33:38

Career Coaching: Stop and think about your career

Jill Livesey
Oscar Trimboli

Jill Livesey specialises in career coaching, working with leaders to help them engage their team members with meaningful career conversations and with individuals to help their career development. Jill talks about the career coaching process, why it is so important and tells us what not to do. She shares her leadership moments and gives us a list of great resources to help us all stop and think.


Transcript - Episode 45 Jill Livesey

You'LL Learn

  • Career coaching is meant for all people in the various stages of their career. It focuses on components that they want to be present at any point in time as they travel along in their career
  • It forces people to think about what matters to them, their values and beliefs and how that informs them of the next steps they want to take in the pursuit of their desired career
  • Leaders should be career coaches to enable them to have quality conversations to learn about the things that matter to them, what they’re good at, and what their values are. This helps managers ensure people are in the right roles, delegate more effectively, improve retention, attract talent and increase productivity
  • The best decisions are made through conscious consideration and deliberate choice
  • Besides coaching, mindfulness is a tool that will help in correcting this absence of connection and give people more control over their lives
  • Career coaching also enables people to unlearn value systems and beliefs that they acquired in early life that may hinder their movement into a better future because these values may no longer be relevant at the present time
  • Leaders must learn that their success stems only from the success of the team – it is not an individual accomplishment but is arrived at through the efforts of the entire team and it is in the manager’s best interest to support and check in on them along the way
  • When considering a career change it is important that you realize that there will always be an element of risk – successful outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Before making the jump always explore all options, opportunities and possibilities within your own organization – do not jump without thinking
  • Do not stay in a situation that is impacting your life and you have done everything that you can to resolve things within your sphere of influence and you see that nothing is changing
  • Do not let go of your network
  • In this ever-changing world people become obsolete if they don’t keep up by continually learning and expanding their skills and growing. It is important to adopt a growth mindset
  • It is the little things, the little actions, that often make the biggest impact to changing something in your life
  • Identify the 5 questions you want to ask yourself every 2-3 months to check in with how your career plan on an ongoing basis – it helps you stop and think what might need some attention
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