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Leadership Moments Podcast

John Raymond

EPISODE 25 32:34

When a team is not a team

John Raymond
Oscar Trimboli

John Raymond, principal and head of coaching at the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership in Sydney, gives us a clear explanation of the difference between a team and a group and gives us insight to what it is that sits behind a team’s success and how coaching can support a team. John also reminds us of important leadership principles as he shares his leadership moments and leaves us with a question to reflect on the impact we are having on others.


Transcript - Episode 25 John Raymond

You'LL Learn

  • Performance is not just about KPI’s and numbers, there are many other elements that have to do with how people manage themselves so they can actually perform and support others
  • The process by which team performance is achieved is through reflection and dialogue
  • External factors are out of the team’s influence or control, it is the processes both structural and social that are within the team’s control
  • The structural component refers to having clear job descriptions, understanding the structure of the team - who’s who, how they work together, having clear goals
  • The social component or the team dynamic is how the members of the team working together, what is their level of effectiveness, of their communication of trust?
  • There is a difference between a working group and a team
  • A team works on a single common goal where every member has to contribute to in order for the goal to be achieved
  • A group is a collective of people working together for individual goals
  • An executive team which is more of a group can perform with vacancies whereas a true team like a football team will collapse with the absence of one player
  • There is the organizational purpose, but within that each team has to find its' own purpose.
  • As a coach, whilst creating a safe, encouraging supportive relationship promotes growth by adding tension and challenge
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