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Leadership Moments Podcast

Keith Abraham

EPISODE 72 37:44

Growing Through Covid

Keith Abraham
Oscar Trimboli

A pep talk and energy boost for you! Keith is a professional presenter and author whose work with clients is about engaging people, developing leaders and generating massive growth. He talks about how to engage with your team and your clients and make yourself so unique that you are the standout choice. This is a great discussion, full of energy and practical approaches for everyone no matter what business you're in. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.


Transcript - Episode 72 - Keith Abraham

You'LL Learn

Keith talks about his shift in mindset to grow through Covid and see that what he does in the next 6 months will set him up for the next 5 years.

He explains the four phase he sees: What now? What’s next? What’s new? What’s necessary?

What people have to be masterful at in the new world:

  • Create engaged, enthused, energised people when they are working remotely
  • Shifting mindset to think bigger, bolder, braver in this next normal
  • Generating massive growth in the business through a downturn

Leaders need to develop a clear vision, even if it is only for the next 30 days and have meaningful conversations with their people

Leaders should have mentors or coaches at all stages of their careers

“Comparison is the thief of joy” – do what is right for you and aligns with your values

You have to be the living example of what you say and demonstrate that on a regular basis.

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