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Leadership Moments Podcast

Kevin Nuttall

EPISODE 27 24:53:00

The future is coming - are you ready?

Kevin Nuttall
Oscar Trimboli

Kevin Nuttall is the Director of Waterfield Consulting and a strategy facilitator. He shares his leadership moments, talks about the disruption we are facing and explains why we have to continually monitor our external environment to understand trends and adapt ourselves and businesses to remain relevant in the future.


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Kevin Nuttall
Transcript - Episode 27 Kevin Nuttall

You'LL Learn

  • Organizations have to continually anticipate the future and adapt to it otherwise they are going to be completely blindsided by business models that are out of date
  • There is not a single business that’s not impacted by the change from analogue to digital because things like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are only some of the technological changes that are impacting business and society
  • People have to evolve, learn and adapt rapidly so that their skills remain current and relevant
  • Good leaders put together teams by getting the right mix of skills, utilizing individual talents and passions and allowing them to work effectively together
  • The buck stops with the leader, nobody else is going to fix a problem for you
  • The external environment is one of the biggest determinants to an organization’s success and that therefore organizations have to pay attention to trends
  • Collective intelligence garnered from specialists in the organization is what will create better information and better decisions if they are engaged effectively because people own what they create
  • The agile approach is a set of experiments – you are allowing ad hoc groups to form quickly to come up with minimal viable products, test them and avoiding long winded solutions that take six months to formulate and become obsolete very fast
  • Trends that present challenges to organizations include technology – the change from analogue to digital and the gig economy where organizations are now getting leaner and resorting to contractors, freelancers and outsourcing instead of a permanent workforce
  • Key questions for a leader: How is the world changing around us and how are our customer’s expectations going to change? How do we continue to meet those expectations? How do we continue to deliver value to our customers in the changes that they're experiencing and the changes that we are experiencing?
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