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Leadership Moments Podcast

Lee Williams

EPISODE 23 31:29:00

What's your purpose?

Lee Williams
Oscar Trimboli

Lee Williams, director of Infinity Leadership, had an epiphany when he participated in a leadership program in 2007 where deep reflection enabled him to see the link between self-awareness and how that translates to impact in business. He now seeks to enrich as many lives as he can by taking them on the same journey and have fun doing it including doing work for the United Nations World food program.


Transcript - Episode 23 Lee Williams

You'LL Learn

  • Leadership is a big responsibility that impacts the minds of people
  • Effective leadership should empower the team and instil confidence, self reliance and resilience
  • Leaders should invest in taking care of themselves so that they can in turn take care of others
  • The impact of good leadership is exponential therefore leaders have the responsibility to lead effectively that they may serve their beneficiaries to the utmost of their abilities
  • Leaders do not have to have all the answers – there is help to be had if you have the sense to ask for it
  • Leading is not static – you are always refining and adjusting and growing, therefore it is not going to be comfortable because leaders must accept that leading often brings one to the edge of risk
  • To lead effectively requires that the leader must undergo some deep reflection for him/her to see the link between self-awareness and how that translates to impact for business
  • Self reflection should result in recognizing patterns that we all have that have worked in our lives, but at some point are no longer useful – one must not be a slave to one’s history
  • Look to the past and then the future – discern your strengths and how you can use them to impact the future – a good way to think about purpose
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