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Leadership Moments Podcast

Liane McGrath

EPISODE 32 18:03

Stop and Think

Liane McGrath
Oscar Trimboli

Liane McGrath, Director and founder of ThinkTime, encourages us all to stop, think, become aware of our beliefs and assumptions and to reflect on how we can become the change we want to see.


Transcript - Episode 32 Liane McGrath

You'LL Learn

  • Taking the time to stop and think and do things differently can lead to greater insight and better decisions
  • Poor leadership impacts the entire organization negatively
  • When people step into a leadership role, they need to be given the support to learn the basics on how to delegate, how to coach, how to have challenging conversations
  • People get rewarded for good performance based on outcome and nobody looks at how the outcome was achieved - we need to focus on how people do things because that’s the bit that creates the culture
  • Be aware of the impact you behaviour has on your relationship with others, take the time to engage with people and to understand them
  • When making decisions, make sure you consider the different perspectives beyond your own, the bigger picture i.e. think from:
  • the organizational perspective
  • team perspective
  • the individual’s perspective
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