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Leadership Moments Podcast

Linda McDonald

EPISODE 68 36:56

Making a difference

Linda McDonald
Oscar Trimboli

In my first podcast of 2020, I referred to the story of a midwife from Edinburgh who made a huge difference in the lives of expectant mothers and children in Malawi. Today I talk with that midwife, Linda McDonald, who shares her story about what moved her to action, how she grew a charity that raised over £600,000 over 12 years and her leadership moments.


Transcript - Ep 68 - Linda McDonald

You'LL Learn

  • If you are passionate and believe you are making a difference you will be able to overcome any obstacles
  • Share your belief and passion to bring people with you
  • Stay focused on what you do well rather than spread yourself too thin
  • It is important to build accountability and sustainability in what you do – enable people to take ownership
  • Respect any different culture you are working in
  • Stay open, invite others to share their thoughts and listen carefully - you are not always right
  • Trust your instincts, if in doubt or something is niggling at you, speak up because it is important
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