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Leadership Moments Podcast

Mark Wood

EPISODE 51 33:11

AI - Disrupting and Stretching Yourself

Mark Wood
Oscar Trimboli

Mark Wood is COO at Red Marker, a company providing solutions using artificial intelligence. We talk about what AI is and is not, how it’s disrupting businesses and people, and what that means for us as leaders. Mark also shares his leadership moments as he transitioned from a career in hospitality to leading big technology projects.


Mark Wood
Red Marker
Transcript - Episode 51 Mark Wood

You'LL Learn

  • The way we work and the things we do in our jobs will change as more and more technologies that leverage AI and machine learning are pushed into the tools that we use in the workplace
  • Machines cannot do everything a human can do, you have to teach an artificial intelligence platform everything and so what it isn't, is it isn't a replacement for humans – there are things that machines don’t do well, that humans do better than even the most advanced artificial intelligence.
  • We need to focus on educating the future generations on things that machines don’t do well to set them up to work better with machines, to set them up to work more ethically and morally and responsibly with the machines in the future
  • Machines aren’t good at creativity, the arts, philosophy, ethics and morals and so we should prepare our workforce and our teams to work in the areas where the machines aren’t doing more
  • We need to stay ahead of these changes so that we aren’t caught unaware, to think about what things we can do to add and show value that may enable us to disrupt our own jobs before it gets disrupted by something else
  • Mark maintains that we should lead with the concept of stretch, challenging ourselves to stretch in terms of the outcomes, making sure that we are considering more and more possible alternatives to deliver better outcomes more efficiently and effectively
  • This style is not about perfectionism because perfection is the enemy of done - there has to be a balance between pushing the team until they burn out and stretching them to come up with creative options to deliver an ideal outcome for better success
  • As a leader you have a role that takes you on a journey and you are not alone – take your people and your stakeholders on this journey with you – make sure your story is clear and understood. The story has to be amended and customized to the individuals and groups that are on this journey with you
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