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Leadership Moments Podcast

Michael Bungay Stanier

EPISODE 70 36:21

Being more coach like

Michael Bungay Stanier
Oscar Trimboli

Like his books, Michael is clear, engaging and uplifting as he explains why giving advice leads to poor outcomes and how to tame the advice monster that resides in all of us to be more coach like with better outcomes for everybody.

He talks eloquently about the need to find the balance between the brain’s need for certainty and the power of curiosity, in a world full of uncertainty and the importance of strong, clear leadership and leaves us with a powerful final question.


Transcript - Ep 70 - Michael Bungay Stanier

You'LL Learn

Giving advice does not work because:

  • We are often giving advice for the wrong challenge
  • The advice we give is not very good
  • Even if your advice is good, it is not always the best outcome for the person

Being more coach like helps the growth of people at work, home, friends and community

The foundation for being more coach like is being curious and asking more questions

Our brain hates uncertainty, it sees it as a threat to survival and creates anxiety. When in uncertain times we are drawn to promises of certainty.

Michael advocates finding the right balance between the need for certainty and the power of curiosity - stay curious to what’s happening, stay curious to your reactions, stay curious to what it says about you, the world from this we get to readapt and readjust and grow.

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