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Leadership Moments Podcast

Michael Gysi

EPISODE 39 32:39

The Power of Asking for Help

Michael Gysi
Oscar Trimboli

It is important to recognise your limitations, to know when you need help and be humble enough to ask for it. Michael was diagnosed with inclusion body myositis, a rare progressive muscle disorder 10 years ago. Michael shares the impact of admitting he needed help – both on him and the people around him - plus the power of taking a genuine interest in others.


Transcript - Episode 39 Michael Gysi

You'LL Learn

  • If people understand what they are doing and are good at it they will enjoy it
  • You can’t do everything by yourself – there is no shame in asking for help. People want to help, they just need to be asked and told how and they will help without hesitation.
  • The people around you at work are valuable and is important to value and nurture them to keep them
  • To nurture your interest in other people and build connections, show them you are interested by listening and communicating with them about non-work related stuff as well as work
  • As a leader you have a job to recognize potential and develop it in the people you work with especially your direct reports. To do this you have to find out about their individual desires, knowledge and skillsets
  • Give the right attention to every one of your people, not just the noisy colourful ones, because extraordinary talent sometimes comes in quiet circumspect packages
  • Good leaders have the humility to admit that they don’t know everything, enabling them to listen to others from whom they glean really useful information
  • This humility also makes them big enough to admit to themselves and to others when they are wrong… and do it quickly
  • Leadership is not only about the big stuff, according to Simon Sinek it is about how we turn up every day and do the little things
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