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Leadership Moments Podcast

Michelle Feros

EPISODE 28 32:39:00

Facing Down the Storm - Taking Responsibility as a Leader

Michelle Feros
Oscar Trimboli

Michelle Feros, National Director, People, Quality & Communications at Autism Spectrum (or Aspect) gives useful insights to working with people on the spectrum, shares leadership moments and talks about transitioning from the Private to Not for Profit Sector.


Transcript - Episode 28 Michelle Feros

You'LL Learn

  • Taking care of oneself first has to be stressed to the people who work in this sector because they are passionate about their work and have a tendency to neglect their own well being in their desire to help the disabled
  • Leadership at Aspect now includes the voice of the persons in the spectrum in all of the planning and in everything else as well
  • There has been a shift in the vision of Aspect from seeing autism as a deficit to celebrating the strengths, interests and aspirations of people in the spectrum
  • Leaders can be supportive and collegial with their staff but should not be “friends”. Relationships have to be strictly professional. Familiarity makes it difficult to exercise authority
  • Four questions to ask when decisions have to be made: What would happen if you do? What would happen if you don’t? What wouldn't happen if you do? What wouldn't happen if you don’t?
  • When it comes to the recruitment of people with a disability either use an agency that specializes in this kind of recruitments or modify your own recruitment process and recognise you may have to make accommodations in
  • Work with the person on what you are going to tell the people who they work with to help build awareness and understanding
  • Make sure that you set expectations and be very clear about what is required and when it is required, that fundamental thing of people knowing what's expected of them in the workplace
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