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Leadership Moments Podcast

Mike Berland

EPISODE 67 36:59

Are your best days ahead or behind?

Mike Berland
Oscar Trimboli

Mike Berland founder and CEO of Decode M, a research and analytics firm, talks about momentum – what it is, how to get it, how to measure it and most importantly, how to keep it not only for our businesses but for ourselves as individuals with constant transformation.

Mike explains why it's so important for leaders in today’s world to understand data analytics. He shares his leadership moments, and as an ex pollster gives us some interesting insights into the Trump election victory and the upcoming US presidential poll.


Transcript Ep 67 - Mike Berland

You'LL Learn

  • Decode M measures cultural relevancy using the concept of momentum
  • Momentum is mass (volume of conversation) x velocity (speed at which the conversation travels) Velocity is where the how people share the brand, talk about it and engage with it. It is where the emotion is
  • Momentum begets momentum – if you have it, it takes you forward, to maintain it you need to continue to transform or it will stop – go to the next thing whilst still ascending
  • Brands that succeed in right now recognise that the future has changed and there is no going back – they realise they have to adapt and innovate to maintain or build momentum. Companies have to ask how can we uniquely meet the needs of their clients/market?
  • With the shift to working from home we are wrestling with boundaries - where does work life stop and family life begin?
  • When using data be clear how you are going to use it and where you want to go with it, try and be pragmatic – look at those data points that tell and story and lead to a decision
  • Today’s leaders need strong analytical skills - understand how it works, how to crunch it and how to use it. Data science is as important as the other functions in the business
  • Its important to hire people with diverse views and skills and allow them to bring strong opinions forward
  • The concept of momentum applies to our life, we have to build personal momentum, continuously transform in different areas of your life – always look for the next thing to keep the momentum going
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