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Leadership Moments Podcast

Murray Wright

EPISODE 62 5:45

Give yourself a 5-minute coaching session

Murray Wright
Oscar Trimboli

The VUCA world is on steroids at the moment and, if you are anything like me, you are overwhelmed by the mass of information and messages coming at you whilst also adapting to virtual work.

Rather than the scheduled podcast – here are 5 questions to carry with you as you work through these difficult times. Can’t get to them now? They are here for you when you need them.


Transcript Ep 62 - Murray Wright (259 downloads )

You'LL Learn

Everyone is caught up in the Covid-19 global pandemic in some way. Whilst it will pass, it is certain that many things around how we go about business have changed and will continue to change as we work our way through the crisis.

You will no doubt have been fighting a lot of fires on many fronts – under constant pressure to do something. We are also confronted with non-stop news, information about what we should and should not do, - even going to the shops is an intense experience. I know at times I have felt completely overwhelmed with it all.

I sat down and thought what would actually be useful at this time... The answer? Five questions to carry with you and help you as work your way through these difficult times.

The Five Questions

  1. Are you giving yourself the space to pause and think clearly?
  2. Where is your focus - working on what you can control or worrying about what you can’t?
  3. What do your stakeholders need from you right now?
  4. What are you doing to look after yourself?
  5. Are you clear on your priorities?
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