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Leadership Moments Podcast

Murray Wright & Mark Powell

EPISODE 74 25:41

Team Reset - The Regroup

Murray Wright & Mark Powell
Oscar Trimboli

We continue the discussion of the Team Reset process today as fellow coach Mark Powell and I talk about the ‘regroup’ phase of the Team Reset Process. We explain what we mean by ‘regroup’ and why it's so important for leaders and their teams to process what's been happening. We explore some of the science behind it and more importantly, give you some ideas on how to run this with your team.


Transcript - Episode 74 - Team Regroup

You'LL Learn

The team Reset process has four steps:


It has been designed as a simple framework to help leaders and their teams come together, process and learn from the changes they have been through, get clear on what success looks like, agree on where to focus efforts, what is needed and how to make it happen.

It is not necessarily a linear process; it is also a useful framework to help leaders and their teams work out what step they need to spend their time on.

Resilience is a person’s capacity to change rather that a person’s capacity to withstand change. There are three practices that support our ability to move with change:

  • Having psychological safety, particularly in the teams we work with
  • Having agency and internal well being
  • A learning or growth mindset

The Regroup stage brings the team together, to reflect on what's been going on and to be able to think about the learning experiences and to support each other so they build that agency.

The process gets people out of the sympathetic nervous system mode (analytical, focused, goal oriented - Action) and into the parasympathetic nervous system (positive feelings, creative and empathetic towards others - Recovery).

It is important to hear others’ experiences and be heard.

It is an ideal opportunity for reflection on what has been learned about self and team and this learning can be used going forward.

This is a bit of a detox session, it does not need too much structure, it gets away from process, asks questions to open up the conversation and about allows people to talk and share.

This can be done by the team leader. It can be more effective with someone else not in the team either internal or external.

The regroup phase is important for individuals as well as teams.

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