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Leadership Moments Podcast

Murray Wright & Mark Powell

EPISODE 73 26:37

The Team Reset

Murray Wright & Mark Powell
Oscar Trimboli

Fellow coach's Mark Powell and Murray Wright share ideas on how to keep your team engaged, relevant, and most importantly, successful in this different world. We explain the Team Reset process, why it is important and outline each of the four steps that make it up.


The Team Reset Worksheet
The Team Reset Worksheet
Your Team Reset
Transcript - Ep 73 - Murray Wright & Mark Powell

You'LL Learn

The team Reset process has four steps:


  • It has been designed as a simple framework to help leaders and their teams regularly come together, process and learn from the changes they have been through, get clear on what success looks like, agree on where to focus efforts, what is needed and how to make it happen.
  • It is not necessarily a linear process; it is also a useful framework to help leaders and their teams work out what step they need to spend their time on
  • It is important for teams to have the space to think and process change
  • The impact of sustained stress on our ability to think clearly should not be underestimated
  • Teamwork is based on relationships, existing ones will be impacted by virtual work and new ones will be harder to establish in a virtual world
  • The team has to reflect on the skills, systems, processes and relationships needed in this different world
  • Being clear on the team purpose and getting the messaging right is vital to engaging the wider team and key stakeholders
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