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Leadership Moments Podcast

Murray Wright - Year End

EPISODE 80 04:13

What got us to here, will not get us to there

Murray Wright - Year End
Oscar Trimboli

Thank you for listening to Leadership Moments through 2020.

This last episode for the year is a 4-minute message to say thank you for your support and offer you a simple reflection to close the year and get set for the challenges and opportunities of the New year by thinking about what you might want to STOP – START – CONTINUE - because what got us to here will not get us to there!

I’ll be back in February with new guests sharing their insights ideas and experiences through their Leadership Moments.

Wishing you a restful, merry, and above all safe Christmas and a great start to the New Year.


You'LL Learn

#headline-92-54 {display:none;}Disconnect - give yourself some space, get out of your head, stop thinking, sit quietly and just be - connect or perhaps reconnect with yourself. Do it with compassion and curiosity – notice what is familiar, what might be new, what might no longer be there, and if there are any surprises or shifts that have happened.

Reflect on what has helped get you through it all:

  • a specific mindset you have adopted,
  • relationships you have developed,
  • things you have done, a routine you have used.

Look ahead to the coming year, think about what will continue to serve you, what will CONTINUE to take you forward, what will you keep.

Is there anything that if you continue, will hold you back or weigh you down? Something that you acknowledge has served you well, but it’s time to let go, time to STOP.

No doubt you have already stopped some things – is there anything else that might get in the way going forward?

Think about the New Year and what you want to achieve.

Is there something new you have to find or try? – again think of new beliefs, attitudes, behaviours, systems, relationships.

What do you have to START to help you to continue to adapt and stay relevant in what will again be a different world in 2021

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