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Leadership Moments Podcast

Murray Wright

EPISODE 35 26:48

2018 Recap - Learnings and insights

Murray Wright
Oscar Trimboli

Murray answers the three leadership questions and shares his leadership moments from 2018, what he learned and how those learnings are shaping his 2019. As we look to make 2019 a great year, excerpts from past episodes help us answer important questions and remind us to look after ourselves.


Transcript - Episode 35 Murray Wright

You'LL Learn

  • We all need a cheerleader. Who do you have in your corner?” “Is it a friend, a boss, a colleague, a mentor, a coach, a podcaster? Who is going to help you stay connected to that bigger picture as well as provide insights, tips and ideas that get you fired up, out of a funk and back on track?”
  • Leadership is not always about the big things – it is how we turn up daily and the smaller bits of work we do that add up to make a difference
  • Whilst we work hard to overcome certain mindsets and behaviours we can all fall back into our old ways. We must be able to recognise when this happens and learn from it and get “back on the bike”. It's all about falling off that bike less often.
  • Looking ahead it’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve, why it is important and how you will achieve your goals
  • Reflect on what practices you are going to stop, what new things you will start and what you will continue to do
  • Excerpts from past episodes
    23 – Lee Williams- Look backwards to look forwards
    12 – Rob Metcalf – The Leadership Questions
    19 – Pia Lee – Creating the conditions for success
    16 – John Felton – Building resilience
    33 – Nicole McAuliffe – Nutrition
    9 – Gillian Coutts – The Benefits of Mindfulness
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