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Leadership Moments Podcast

Nicole McAuliffe

EPISODE 33 33:34

The Role of Nutrition in Good Leadership

Nicole McAuliffe
Oscar Trimboli

Nicole McAuliffe’s business, Create Wellbeing Group, specialises in executive coaching, facilitation, clinical nutrition and corporate wellbeing. In this podcast we discuss the role of nutrition in wellbeing and ultimately effective leadership. She talks about the fundamentals of nutrition and how, by making small adjustments to our diet and approach to eating and drinking, people can be at their best, stay healthy and flourish at work and at home.


Transcript - Episode 33 Nicole McAuliffe

You'LL Learn

  • Rest, water and whole foods are the basis for life and functioning well. “We are what we eat” - we can support ourselves and minimize illness and stress and other health issues just by feeding ourselves well
  • Individuals need to prioritize themselves, to recognize the need to look after themselves before they can help others and lead others
  • Stress puts the individual into SNS mode, the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) mode
  • There are foods that we can eat to improve our microbiome or good gut bacteria together with mindfulness processes where we can switch ourselves out of that fight or flight nervous system mode back to the rest and restore mode or the PNS, parasympathetic nervous system mode
  • How we manage our emotions and regulate ourselves with mindfulness, sleep, good diet and exercise impacts our ability to handle stress
  • We need to eat foods that are anti-inflammatory, foods to reduce the inflammatory responses that are responsible for setting off those negative processes
  • Alcohol and coffee are liver loaders that drain energy and certain vitamins and minerals from your body
  • The B vitamins work together to release energy when you need it. They help process sugars, complex carbohydrates and fat to enable you to use the mindbody
  • To replenish the B vitamins add more leafy greens and protein to your diet
  • Sleep is helped by eating foods that are rich in magnesium like nuts and seeds which relax the body and the muscles setting off good sleep routines
  • Breaking the changes you want to make down into one or two simple steps creates that initial shift that can build momentum to help make the bigger changes
  • Mushrooms are good for the immune system and probiotic containing foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi, kefir and fiber (fiber feeds the probiotic) to help the gut respond to stress
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