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Leadership Moments Podcast

Oscar Trimboli

EPISODE 38 32:06

How to Listen in Colour

Oscar Trimboli
Oscar Trimboli

Did you know we spend a minimum 55% of our day listening? Oscar, an executive coach and author, explains the cost of not listening. He shares with us the 5 levels of deep listening, gives examples of how listening has changed businesses and global investment, and reveals tips and techniques on how we can deepen our own listening.


Transcript - Episode 38 Oscar Trimboli

You'LL Learn

  • A minimum 55% of our day is spent listening. This increases to 80% of the day for people in senior roles, sales roles or consultation roles and senior executives can spend up to 87% of their day listening – only 2% have ever been taught how to listen
  • Up to 22% of project overruns are caused by people who didn’t understand their role in a project illustrating how not listening can cost organizations millions of dollars
  • Listening can result in multi-billion earnings as well – the story of the Lego Movie Franchise illustrates this well when producers Lord and Miller listened to the AFOL (Adult Fans of Lego) and introduced the Kragle among other little gems
  • The story of Dr. Bronwyn King illustrates how listening can reduce rates of cancer – by listening rather than using any other technique, she has stopped 18 billion dollars’ worth of money from bankers going into the tobacco industry
  • Humans are natural listeners, it is a natural ability that we lose thru a variety of reasons and distractions and as such it can be taught and honed
  • Three simple tips to improve listening: 1) The deeper you breathe, the deeper you listen 2) A hydrated brain is a brain able to listen 3) Switch off your mobile phone.
  • We need to confront our assumptions – we do have a lot of in-built assumptions that we have to be aware of
  • Practicing deep listening gives us the ability to listen in colour, to listen better and ultimately lift our productivity
  • By interacting with a wider set of people inside and outside our immediate universe, we cultivate a more diverse perspective that helps us listen better
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