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Leadership Moments Podcast

Peter Webb

EPISODE 77 50:20

Making wiser decisions

Peter Webb
Oscar Trimboli

Peter is experienced in coaching, organisational development and culture change. He is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations find new forms of thinking. Peter believes leaders and their teams need wisdom now more than ever to successfully navigate the dilemmas of our times.

We talk about the psychology of wisdom, complexity and what Peter calls System 3 thinking and the six related competencies. Peter also shares his WISE framework, a checklist to help leaders avoid biases and assumptions to make wiser decisions.


Transcript - Ep 77 Peter Webb

You'LL Learn

System 1 thinking is fast, intuitive; System 2 thinking is analytical, rational and slower. Peter has identified a system 3 thinking which brings a balance between system 1 and system 2 thinking to enable wise decisions.

We all have the capacity to be wise and make wise decisions - a skill that can be developed.

3 things get in the way of being able to access the resources we have to make wise decisions;

  1. We don’t know they are there
  2. We are biased to one of the three ways of thinking
  3. Our capacity to use the wisdom resources

Peter has developed a framework to help make wiser decisions when you don’t have all the information available.

There are six dimensions of system 3 thinking:

  1. Focus
  2. Life experience
  3. Decisiveness
  4. Compassion
  5. Emotion regulation
  6. Tolerance of diversity in values

A check list for making wise decisions;

W – Widen your perspective
I – Interrogate reality
S – Sense what’s emerging
E – Enact a way forward

System 3 thinking allows you to see the system for what it is.

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