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Leadership Moments Podcast

Phil Cross

EPISODE 43 34:29

Stepping into the Future

Phil Cross
Oscar Trimboli

This is a must-listen to discussion as Phil Cross, a digital consultant and strategist takes us into the future and challenges our thinking as he shares the latest digital trends including the consolidation of power, the inherent dangers in artificial intelligence, the cultural shift in a hyperconnected world and evolution versus transformation. Phil also shares his leadership moments and how he applies what he learned as an endurance athlete to performing well at work.


Transcript - Episode 43 Phil Cross

You'LL Learn

  • The danger of machine learning, artificial intelligence using data sets with inherent bias
  • The combination of data, ability to process it and make decisions, logistics and infrastructure of Big Tech companies such as Amazon will mean retailers will struggle to compete unless regulated
  • Awareness starts with the self, it extends to the team, it then extends to the organization which then extends to the external world
  • With awareness comes complexity, complexity increases as we move out and so does our ability to control things. So if we think about it as an inward and an outward ability to know and to influence, it is a good place to start thinking about leadership, our ability to know ourselves, to change ourselves and to act in a certain way
  • Leaders must also take care of themselves – being in the best possible mental and physical shape to deal with and navigate the challenges around us. Having some skill and awareness of movement, of nutrition, of rest and recovery is important
  • We can control what we think, what we feel, what we say and what we do – the rest of it is the world happening around us. So we can control how we respond to things but we can't necessarily control the things around us. So work on the mindset and behaviours is just as important as any physical work
  • As leaders we need to constantly read, be updated and evolved as businesses, teams and individual leaders to keep pace with the changes that are happening and to remain relevant
  • Leaders need to build diversity in the information they receive because as automation develops it will be harder to bring diversity into their thinking, their discussions and the solutions they come up with
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