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Leadership Moments Podcast

Phil Preston

EPISODE 34 33:47

Collaboration and Creating Shared Value

Phil Preston
Oscar Trimboli

Phil Preston is the founder of Collaborative Advantage, an independent consultancy working at the intersection of the corporate and social agenda. He helps leaders link their commercial objectives with societal needs, creating win-win outcomes instead of adversarial win-lose relationships - it’s the new frontier for corporate productivity, growth and competitive advantage.


Transcript - Episode 34 Phil Preston

You'LL Learn

  • In the past CSR programs or Corporate Social Responsibility programs was a way for companies to interface with communities and society
  • The concept of Shared Value was introduced by Professors Michael Porter and Mark Kramer who created a language around corporate and social interactions that added value to both sides going beyond CSR and taking it to a whole different level
  • Companies need to review their portfolios to identify which activities can be taken to a different level to create more shared and sustainable value, value that all sectors involved benefit from
  • To achieve shared value there must be collaboration between different stakeholders that may involve NGOs, government, communities and companies
  • Leaders should not avoid having those hard conversations with team members especially when issues have to do with values and behaviour
  • Diversity in the composition of a team: diversity in background, experience and ways of thinking to name a few are important to team effectiveness and performance
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