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Leadership Moments Podcast

Pia Lee

EPISODE 19 36:04:00

Simple, but not easy

Pia Lee
Oscar Trimboli

Pia Lee, an experienced leadership consultant and CEO of LIW, brings her energy and passion to this episode to shine a light on the opportunities we have for leadership throughout the day and what they can add up to over a lifetime. She explains the concept of democratising leadership and outlines the simple model that helps leaders and organisations create the conditions for success and prioritise, whilst reminding us it is simple but not easy.


Transcript - Episode 19 Pia Lee

You'LL Learn

  • We have many leadership moments in a day, how we use them determines the impact we have
  • The 3Cs – clarity, climate and competence are the conditions a leader must create to set their team or organisation up for success
  • The 3Ws – W1, Where are we going and why? W2, Where are we now? W3, What’s next? These are the three fundamental leadership questions that will help set the priorities
  • Modern leadership asks questions, connects people and information and empowers people at all levels in a distributed model
  • Quite often we feel we have to tell people the answers. However asking a good quality question is much more empowering and much more useful for a leader. Spoon feeding may be easier but not necessarily good for them
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