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Leadership Moments Podcast

Professor Peter Hawkins

EPISODE 46 48:01

Tomorrow’s Leadership

Professor Peter Hawkins
Oscar Trimboli

Professor Peter Hawkins is an author, consultant and researcher in leadership cultural change and organisational learning. He calls himself a paradigm buster - and he does just that - as he talks about the necessary move from individual hero leadership to a collective leadership that is able to communicate and collaborate across multiple and increasingly complex systems. His research shows that real leadership development comes from experience and challenges on the job and that organisations focusing on a clear long-term purpose perform better than those that focus on short-term profit.


Transcript - Episode 46 Prof Peter Hawkins

You'LL Learn

  • Professor Hawkins maintains that it is the purpose that creates the team and the partnerships not the team that creates its mission and vision
  • The research tells us that the most important thing to be successful is having a very clear collective purpose and every member of the team recognizing they can only achieve it through collaboration
  • A disciple of Gregory Bateson, Professor Hawkins believes that we cannot address the challenges in the world: whether it's climate change; whether it's international conflict; whether it's inequality without shifting human consciousness
  • Adopting a systemic view, leaders must always remember the unseen stakeholders and decisions must always take them into account: employees, customers, investors, the people of the future and the environment
  • Millennials grew up in an instantaneous world and as such so are their expectations. They want instant feedback (which they get from their networks). They want somebody who is engaged and working with them, mentoring them, coaching them continually with that ongoing feedback
  • They are also going to be leaders more in touch with mankind’s responsibilities towards the ecology, climate change and the predicted challenges of the future (which many of our current CEOs have ignored)
  • Leadership is more an attitude than it is a role. It begins when we stop blaming others or making excuses
  • As a leader you cannot go by consensus neither can you go with what you want or what you think is right. You must listen to what the collective needs and at times be the voice of that collective need
  • Leaders must learn how to maintain loyalty not just to the executive team they are a member of but also to the community team they are also a member of and to whatever other team they belong to… all at the same time
  • Team mantra – what can we uniquely achieve together that we cannot achieve apart that the world of tomorrow needs?
  • Leader mantra – what can I uniquely do that the world of tomorrow needs?
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