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Leadership Moments Podcast

Richard Cornally

EPISODE 54 42:47

Knowing where the golf ball is

Richard Cornally
Oscar Trimboli

Richard Cornally is an actor, teacher, writer, director and executive coach. He uses the principles of acting to help people connect with their authenticity. Richard explains how a compelling story can be used to engage teams as well as stakeholders, sharing practical tips to help manage voice, body and emotions, helping develop leadership presence.


Transcript - Episode 54

You'LL Learn

  • Acting is living truthfully under imagined circumstances which requires the actor to strip away all of the ways in which they pretend in real life and getting down to their raw potential as a human being
  • This kind of honesty forces you to look inwards, watch yourself and be less self-conscious and more capable of allowing your emotional reactions to flow through you and not grip you – you can then manage yourself authentically and be confident in all your interactions and communications causing a shift from reactivity to conscious creativity
  • Richard says, “If you want to strike a golf ball, the first thing you need to know is where the golf ball is in time and space.” If you want to direct your own emotional system in a particular direction you need to know the authentic truth of where you are now not where you'd like to be
  • Likewise, if you want to have an impact on somebody else you need to know where they are in time and space emotionally and psychologically
  • Thus, the importance of developing heightened skills of awareness as well as emotional and psychological perception
  • The compelling story is a tool that can be used to influence teams and stakeholders, to to get them on board and engaged
  • It was described as a story where the audience is invested in the conclusion and is set up by creating tension, a state of uncertainty around a minimum of two possible outcomes
  • Richard believes in leading from a place of humility and faith as opposed to authority – a great reminder for all of us to believe in people
  • Leadership presence is almost entirely synonymous with authentic presence, when you are communicating and interacting with people in a way that is aligned with your sense of integrity and purpose and values, then you will have leadership presence
  • Leadership is a balance between doing and being
  • One of the highest correlators for leadership effectiveness and then to business success is the ability to communicate vision and purpose and to communicate vision and purpose, you need leadership presence, you need to be grounded in your voice, your vocality
  • Tips to help your voice:
    • Loosen your joints – from your ankles up
    • Hum in the shower – loosen muscles in the larynx
    • Do horse blows and pretend to chew a toffee apple to get rid of tension in the front of your face loosen the mask the rest of your body
  • Tips for public speaking
    • Externalise your focus so you can be present and engage with what is going on around you
    • When speaking to a group – find 3,4,5 6 people who are nodding and speak to them directly – make eye contact, smile build your confidence of them
    • If you see someone bored, ignore them, keep the focus on the people who are engaged – you will feed of their enthusiasm and start to win over everybody
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