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Leadership Moments Podcast

Rob Metcalfe

EPISODE 12 21:06

The three questions for leaders

Rob Metcalfe
Oscar Trimboli

Rob Metcalfe, director of Succeedo Global a consultancy firm that supports executive leadership teams and endeavours to help them to make better decisions. He seeks to leverage top leaders influence across organisation and beyond to shape a better world.


Transcript - Episode 12 Rob Metcalfe

You'LL Learn

  • The three questions that create a leadership mindset and can be used in any situation at any level and enable better decisions:
  • Where are you going and why?
  • Where are you now?
  • What are you going to do next?
  • The importance of being clear on the why to allow people to find their own how
  • Preparation, experience, technical skills contribute to your competence. It’s what allows people to get into the “flow” and perform with unconscious competence
  • As an individual you impact teams, the teams impact the organisation and beyond, so be conscious of the choices you are making
  • Do not hurry decisions and be aware of making fear based decisions. Take the time for due diligence and listen to your gut
  • Be aware of your assumptions before you enter into any relationships
  • Limit the number of commitments you make. Make them on the most important issues and make sure you see it through to the end – make sure you get the last 200 metres.
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