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Leadership Moments Podcast

Sarah Cornally

EPISODE 13 32:27:00

System dynamics and what it brings to leadership

Sarah Cornally
Oscar Trimboli

Sarah Cornally is sought out by major companies and organisations to work on complex issues. Listen to how she became aware of system dynamics and learned that as leaders it can help bring a deeper understanding of issues and clarity about the way forward with the speed that is needed in our fast-paced, ever changing business environment.


Transcript - Episode 13 Sarah Cornally (269 downloads )

You'LL Learn

  • Focusing on system dynamics shows us how the system is responding to change and complexity and all of the intense pressures that arise in the business world today
  • These fast-paced changes require a different way of leading. It requires a change in the individual leader and answers the questions how does a leader lead differently. How does he lead in a more sophisticated way that meets the challenges of the new business environment
  • Understanding the dynamic can change the way that a leader responds to the dynamic thereby changing the dynamic
  • A leader needs to make the tough decisions because leadership requires you to have the courage to do what you know is right even though it is risky
  • Leaders must be aware of the politics running within the organization dynamics. Ignoring this may lead to catastrophic errors in decision making.
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