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Leadership Moments Podcast

Scott Boyes

EPISODE 8 10:13

Going beyond hard work to change perceptions and have a positive impact

Scott Boyes
Oscar Trimboli

Scott Boyes, Vice President Operations, NSW, ACT for Accor Hotels tells us when he realised that hard work was not enough and that he had to go through a difficult and at times painful change to change peoples’ perception of him and create a more positive impact. He also shares learning to be clear about how much you want something and matching that with energy and commitment to achieve it.


Transcript - Episode 8 Scott Boyes

You'LL Learn

  • Don’t underestimate the impact of what you say and do can have on others
  • The importance of facing up to the reality of how others perceive you and committing to intentionally changing to achieve a more positive impact
  • A coach is a valuable resource when having to make significant personal change
  • To help change others perceptions, write down how you want to be perceived and the tangible behaviours associated with creating it. Review regularly and make sure you are living them
  • Being clear about what you want and how much you want it then take ownership for delivering it
  • The OAR/BED model: above the line (ownership, accountability, responsibility) versus below the line (blame, excuses, denial) thinking and behaviour
  • How belief in yourself and your ability to solve problems can change your outlook and build confidence
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